3 DIY Face Mists & Setting Sprays

Obsession: Spraying an expensive (af) water-like substance on my face after every makeup routine. The $45 bottle barely lasts 2 weeks. But I freakin need that dewy satisfaction.

Fixing the problem: After a couple hours on Pinterest and my mind going haywire over DIY hacks, face mist/setting sprays came on screen. The recipes contained basic ingredients that I (somehow) already had. After measuring, mixing, and adding extra highlight drops in the bottle, I sprayed. And sprayed. Then threw it out, went to ulta, and purchased more expensive water.

Here are some other tweaked recipes I tried (and didnt throw out)

You will need a spray bottle (obvi). You can purchase one for cheap, or reuse a spritz bottle you already have. I used one of my empty face mist bottles, since it sprayed evenly.

  1. Basic Setting Spray (base recipe)

Pour 2 tablespoons of Glycerin (or aloe vera) per every 1/2 cup of water (or rose water) into the bottle and lightly shake. Glycerine holds your makeup together throughout the day, naturally gives you a dewy/glow vibe and is hydrating. (You can purchase glycerin at any pharmacy, it may be behind the counter) By adding 2-4 drops of a liquid illuminator or 2-4 teaspoons of loose shimmer powder, you can achieve a more glowy look. I recommend using different shades to add more depth.

gem-precious-quartz-1468309Adding “makeup/primer serums” to the mist work as well. (not the heavily vitamin infused serums addressed for skin concerns) I use 6 drops of Pacifica Gem Serum in my mist. It has Rose Quartz powder, giving me a ‘diamond’ finish.

    2. Anti-Aging and Rejuvenating Face Mist

Bring 1/2 cup of water to a boil, then steep 1 Green Tea Bag for 15 minutes. Pour the cooled tea into the bottle and add 2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil. Shake lightly and spritz 🙂 This is not a setting spray btw. The green tea has caffeine, which firms the skin. The vitamin e oil is great for fixing scars, damaged skin and hydrates. It also tightens my face 😉

3. Skin Sensitive Setting Spray

Mix 1/4 cup of witch hazel with 1/2 cup of water in the spritz bottle. By using witch hazel before and after applying makeup, it helps shrink your pores, soothes/calms sensitive skin and holds that gorg makeup in place! You can add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera to the mixture as well, in case you have dry skin.

Fun Fact: You can use organic hairspray as a makeup setting spray. A tip said by professional makeup artists.  

4 thoughts on “3 DIY Face Mists & Setting Sprays

    1. i’ll be ordering some herb beauty books to review on my blog, and i’m pretty sure the first one on your list is a variation of one i found. these are legit.


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