The New, Bliss Gentle Polishing Cleanser

Skin polishing. An obsession of mine. Usually I use rough exfoliating products that leave me with redness and occasional irritated skin. (not so much a ‘polishing’) I needed something softer, for every morning use that also prepped my skin for makeup application.

The cleanser smells of baby powder and has the texture of deodorant. (I literally felt as if I was rubbing a deodorant stick on my face)

You can apply this to wet or dry skin. But to see the fibers working their magic, apply to dry. You’ll be able to see strands of white fibers picking up old skin and dirt as you massage the product over your face.

Then I dampen my face and use a Foreo to get the most out of the product. (you can use any face cleansing brush)

After rinsing, I was not only left with a fresher looking face, but a polished surface. Unfortunately, my face was slightly tacky feeling. But after an hour this disappeared.

This product is PERFECT for pre-makeup applications. I highly recommend this product.

*You can purchase Bliss Gentle Polishing Cleanser from Target for $15, or from the skincare’s website for $11.99.

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