Luxury Lashes: $15 Lashaholic Review

Strip lashes are either a hit or miss for most gals. They can look natural and perfect in photos, but in person they look like feather dusters (on me).

I received these $15 Lashaholic Lashes in my Boxycharm (I was pretty bummed). Could have used a highlighter or anything else.

I ran out of my individual lashes and ended up wearing these strips while I ran to the store.

I wish they had a clear band instead of a thick black one, it definitely showed. And I felt the judgement. (I don’t wear eyeliner because of my hooded eye problem) The mascara didn’t even seem to help 😦

If these were cheaper, I would recommend. But they’re not worth $15 per pair. (Or let alone $20, like their original price)

Although, you almond eyed gals can rock these lashes!