Trending Beauty: Euphoria Makeup Looks

Euphoria makeup is the trending style of insta-glam inspired by the hit HBO show, ‘Euphoria’. It showcases modern day teenagers overcoming daily drama and typical high school scenarios.

BUT, their makeup is what’s hype. The head makeup artist for the show, Doniella Davy, uses ‘euphoric’ (or intense) makeup looks to portray the characters constant changing feelings.

Now, the makeup isnt always “intense” or extreme. But it’s not something I would want to wear during the day, unless I’m not giving a d-mn.

It’s usually associated with bright colors and glitter. But darker tones and simplistic looks are often used as well.

It’s a work of art. Sometimes abstract, minimal, or a canvas filled with emotion. Except it’s on your face. It’s pleasing to the eye when done in the right manner.

Take a look at these few Euphoria Makeup Looks:

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