How To Remove Lash Extensions

First and foremost, I recommend going to a professional to have them removed safely. But I know it can be challenging right now to book a lash tech and not have to wait a month. (Especially in certain states)

Just remember to not pull or force the lashes out.

I recommend starting one round of this process at night, right before bed. Then another round in the morning, this way the oil can loosen some of the lashes over night.

1. Steam your face for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Simply boil water and hover your face over the steam. (You can use a towel to trap some of the steam, but this is optional)

This will help soften the glues grip and prep for removal.

2. Soak cotton pads in a oil face cleanser (of any brand) or liquefied coconut oil

Hold the oiled cotton pads over your closed eyes for a minute, letting your lashes absorb that oil. Then GENTLY rub the lashes. Not all of the lashes will come out. You can repeat this process as many times as you like, but don’t force or pull your lashes.

3. Rinse, then wash your face as you normally would, with an oil-free cleanser.

4. (Optional) If you have coconut oil, or an oil based lash serum, apply it to your lashes so the excess glue can slowly release.

** Remember you’ll have to open your eyes at some point, so go very light with the last step 🙂

You will most like have to repeat this process a second time. Lash glue can be very stubborn.

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