Lash Lifts VS. Lash Extensions

Both enhancements will give you dramatic and beautiful results, but each lash treatment has it’s ups and downs.

Lash Lifts

Price: $40-70

Time: 45 min- 1 hour

The Process: Your Beautician will cleanse your eyes/lashes then lightly tape down your bottom lashes. (So that they don’t get lifted)

After they glue down the ‘lash lift’ pad above your top lash line, you’ll start to feel tugging at your lashes. This is when your lashes are being lifted into place for the perm solutions. Perming and setting will take roughly 20 minutes total. The service is usually followed by a specialized conditioning and strengthing lash serum.


  • Cheaper than Lash Extensions
  • Typically 30 min – 1 hour less than Lash Extensions
  • Lasts Longer (a lot longer)
  • Less damaging than other lash treatments (if correctly & professionally done)


  • Does not add volume
  • Will not add as much length as extensions
  • Less customization (where as extensions can give you a cat eye, open eye, and multiple looks)

Lash Extensions

Price: $100-170

Hybrid Lashes ($110-170)
Volume Lashes ($120-190)

Time: 1hr 30min – 2hr 30min


The process: The Lash Artist starts with cleansing the eyes/lashes then taping down your bottom lashes. (This way they don’t get mixed with the application)

Then they coat your lashes with a pre-liquid to remove excess oil/dirt. For the next hour and 30 minutes (more or less) your lash artist will be applying the lashes with extremely sharp tools. Its imperative that you do not open your eyes. You don’t want any adhesive or sharp objects in your eyes.

The extensions will last 2 weeks, then it’s time for a fill. Fills are only $40-80. If properly maintained, you will only need fills for as long as you have the extensions.


  • Longer, Darker, Thicker
  • Can be customized in so many ways. (Volume, hybrid, classic, cat eye, Russian, etc.)
  • Gives a more glam look


  • Can easily cause damage if not applied or taken care of properly.
  • Expensive
  • Every 2-3 week appointments

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