How To Clean Your Lash Extensions

So your lash tech told you that you need to clean your lashes, but you tend to skip that step in fear of losing more lashes. But by (properly) cleaning your lashes daily, your actually PROLONGING their retention. (Decreasing the chance of lashes falling out)

Why you need to clean your lashes:

Excess oil, dead skin cells and other debris will not only loosen the lash adhesive, but can give you an infection or lash damage from build up. Resulting in professional removal of your precious lash extensions.

What you’ll need:

  • Lash Cleanser
  • Lash Cleanser Brush or Medium/Small Soft Makeup Brush
  • Distilled Water
  • Lash Brush/Mascara Wand
  • *optional* Hair Dryer with Cool Mode

How To Cleanse:

1. Wet your makeup brush and apply a dollop of the cleanser on top of your closed eyelid.

2. Using medium/soft pressure, swipe the brush back and forth on your eyelid.

3. Work your way down to the lash line, swiping back and forth across the base of your lashes.

4. Rinse your brush with the distilled water and swipe off the cleanser in the same motion you applied it. (I make sure to saturate the brush with the water for a better rinse.)

Brush your lashes and blow dry your lashes on COOL mode. This will make them fluffy again 😉

Do this 2-3x a week and your lash tech will absolutely love you!

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