How To Prepare For Your First Eyelash Appointment

Congratulations! Your about to receive your first lash set! It’s normal to feel a little nervous beforehand. Below I’ve listed basic tips and ‘rules’ to follow, to help your appointment go smoothly.


1. Keep your lashes and face clean. Foundation is ok, but no eye makeup.

2. Brush your teeth! Don’t let your lash artist smell your nasty breath for 2+ hours.

3. **No coffee/caffeine. This actually makes your eyes flutter/twitch. (Even if you don’t feel you do!) I actually drink a sleepy time tea to mellow myself.

4. Bring your contact case and glasses. Headphones are optional too.

5. Be sure to save at least 3 images to show your lash artist what kind of lash style you want.


6. Arrive 5-10 minutes early, this way you’ll have ‘wiggle room’ time and use the restroom.

7. Some lash artists don’t mind if you talk while they are lashing. But try your best not to move or make facial expressions so their ‘lash canvas’ stays still.


8. Be sure to tip your lash artist when checking out. ($15 minimum)

9. Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours.

10. Brush your lashes daily and clean your lashes 2-3x a week.

11. Avoid using masacara and oil based eyeliner. (Pencil eyeliner & eyeshadows are ok)

12. Keep your fills between 2-3.5 weeks and schedule in advance.

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