BoxyLuxe September 2019 ($330 Value)

BoxyLuxe September 2019 ($330 Value)

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8 Tips & Tricks for a Slimmer Face and Jaw Line

8 Tips & Tricks for a Slimmer  Face and Jaw Line

Usually when people gain weight, it goes straight to their stomach, thighs or arms. Mine goes straight to my face. I may have an athletic body, but those chipmunk cheeks will haunt me forever. Thankfully there are facial workouts, serums, makeup and gum to help balance out this unfair trait. Facial Exercises I legit do [...]

Top 10 Makeup Products for Summer 2018

I hate having to go onto google and look up 50 different makeup products, their reviews, prices, and then weed through the fake reviews. I figured I would make a gosh darn list for myself (and others) for summer of 2018 and get the research done and out of the way. Dominque Cosmetics Lemonade Eyeshadow [...]