Too Faced Born This Way VS. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Foundation

Both of these are good products, so no money was wasted. (thank god) One was just a lot better on my skin than the other.

Too Faced Born This Way $39



  • Full Coverage, it did not take much product to do the job and it covered all my freckles
  • Goes on easily and smoothly (easy to work with)
  • Variety of multiple skin tones


  • Just a tad pricey
  • Dries and crusted through the day, giving it an unnatural, yucky look. I constantly had to spray myself to hydrate my skin.
  • Matte Finish, Some people like this, and others don’t. I like a touch of a dewy look.
  • The hue was a little off, giving it a yellow color. When it would dry later, it seemed to look slightly orange or more yellowish. I’m very tan and naturally warm toned, so this was a first for me.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Foundation $38



  • Medium/Full Coverage that is easily buildable
  • Greatly ‘fixes’ my uneven skin tone and blemishes without having to cake it on
  • Easily blendable, doesn’t dry while working with it
  • Doesn’t dry throughout the day, and keeps the hydration factor in tact. Very moisturizing!
  • Illumines my skin, giving my a very, very dewy glow. They have an Illuminator CC+ foundation that I haven’t tried yet, but the original does just that. Honestly, it doesn’t need anymore illuminator. But I still wanna try the other one :p
  • SPF 50+ & Anti-Aging Serum
  • Hides my pores


  • Tad Pricey
  • Only 7 Shades
  • It’s not full coverage, but it’s a perfect medium that you can build into a complete full coverage if you wanted.
  • Only lasts me about 4-6 hours

Everyday, I have been mixing 1 pump of the CC+ cream with 1 pump of the Too Faced and it gives me the perfect, all day coverage. This won’t work for everybody, but I def  recommend the CC+ Cream over Born This Way for those who have dry skin and prefer a slight dew finish.


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