BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter | Review

Ever since I purchased the Becca Highlighter in pressed powder form, I’ve been OBSESSED with the brand.

I’ve never been dissatisfied with BECCA, however I’ve never been “wowed” either. Call it my ‘safe brand’. It’s one of the few prestige brands that is actually worth the extra money for when you want something nice but don’t want to gamble.

For $41, you can purchase the full size liquid highlighter at Sephora. It’s a huge bottle, with a weight of 1.7 oz. (trust me, it’s a lot of product even for me)

I should have gotten the travel size, but there were only full size bottles in the store. And I do not enjoy waiting for makeup. When I want it, I need it pronto.

*Travel size is only $19 at Ulta

There are 5 shades to choose from:

I purchased moonstone, the most popular. Right away, you can notice a shimmery dewy glow when swabbing. It contains ultrafine, light-reflecting pearls that glisten in the sun. Giving you a ‘sunset’ glow.

Sometimes I mix this in with my matte foundation, if my skin is cooperating. (If you have bumpy skin don’t do this. It will pronounce the bumps a lot more in the sunlight).

You don’t need a lot to do the trick and the pump squirts out a lot of extra product I don’t need. (It’s very touchy)

I’m definitely going to buy this again, but in the travel size.

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