DIY ‘Eyelash Extensions’

Why not just use mascara? Because the clumpy, synthetic look of the spider eye is just NOT my thing.

How about strip lashes? They look great in photos, but in real life, I look like a real drag. Then the ends pop off after just a few hours of wearing them and the lashes are always an odd length for my eyes. Plus it’s annoying having to apply them every, single, day.

For the past year, I’ve been wearing individual lashes nearly everyday. It’s a time saver, especially in the early work mornings when your half asleep and rushing out the door.

For beginners, I recommend using ‘lash trios’ by KISS or Ardell. They cut the application time by 3x. The first full set application will be the hardest! It requires a lot of patience and a steady hand. But once your finished, you won’t have to apply again for a couple days 🙂 Unless you rip them all out.

Every couple mornings you will wake up missing a lash or two, but it’s very easy and quick to replace. It takes me roughly 10 minutes to do a full set on both eyes now.

*Once you build speed, apply the single lashes closer to the beginning of your eye, achieving a more natural look.

FYI: For beginners, I don’t recommend starting with the KISS Lash Couture Individuals. I am not sure if it is the glue, but these do NOT stay on for long.

Good Luck!!

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