Lash Lifts VS. Lash Extensions

Both enhancements will give you dramatic and beautiful results, but each lash treatment has it’s ups and downs. Lash Lifts Price: $40-70 Time: 45 min- 1 hour The Process: Your Beautician will cleanse your eyes/lashes then lightly tape down your bottom lashes. (So that they don’t get lifted) After they glue down the ‘lash lift’… Continue reading Lash Lifts VS. Lash Extensions


DIY ‘Eyelash Extensions’

Why not just use mascara? Because the clumpy, synthetic look of the spider eye is just NOT my thing. How about strip lashes? They look great in photos, but in real life, I look like a real drag. Then the ends pop off after just a few hours of wearing them and the lashes are… Continue reading DIY ‘Eyelash Extensions’