12 Common Skin Care Mistakes

We’re all guilty of at least one bad skincare habit. But one little tweak in your daily ritual may make all the difference!

1. Not Being Consistant

We have all had a lazy night/morning where we don’t apply our daily skin treatments. We just cleanse, tone and moisturize.

But by not using your serums once or twice daily, your skin won’t be improving. Consistency is crucial

2. Mistaking Your Skin Type

Feeling oily at the end of the day? That doesn’t necessarily mean you have an oily skin type.

If your skin:

  • feels rough/coarse in texture
  • has a “dull glow”, similar to dry skin
  • has an oily feel or a “spotty shine”

These attributes may mean your skin is lacking hydration. AKA dehydrated. AKA your skin wants water. Now I can’t “legally” advise you to drink more water and eat a balanced diet, but… *wink *wink.

If you think you may have dehydrated skin, just try switching out your foundation and moisturizer to water based. A lot of moisturizers say “hydrating” but are still oil based. Grab a water gel such as:

Dermalogica’s Calm Water Gel

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel

Murad Nutrient Charged Water Gel

3. Buying The Popular Stuff

Just because a new product is popular or pretty, there’s no way it works for every single skin type.

4. Exfoliating Too Much (or Too Little)

You should only be exfoliating 2-3x a week. There are very few exfoliating products that you can use everyday. (But even then, give your skin a day of rest)

If you over exfoliate, your stripping away healthy skin and leaving the baby cells to fend for themselves. In turn, you’ll achieve irritated, stressed, and pigmented skin.

Not exfoliating at all? … how are your products even penetrating your skin? I highly recommend starting 2x a week, followed by a hydrating mask. You’ll notice smoother skin instantly.

5. Touching Your Face (angry face here)

Your literally spreading bacteria on your face. Don’t do that. You’ll have angry skin in return.

6. Towel Drying Your Face

It’s ok to blot dry, but when you start wiping and tugging, it can irritate your skins surface.

7. Using Expired Products (makeup too!)

Your face is sensitive compared to your other body parts. The products are made with (very) specific ingredients that can easily spoil after the expiration. When one ingredient spoils, the whole lot becomes infected. Thus, inactive, rotten, moldy, bacteria infested.

8. Using The Wrong Moisturizer

Take a look at #2. Not all moisturizers are ideal for all skin types. If you have oily skin, why would you put a heavy, oil based moisturizer on your face? Eek!

Oily skin- You need light, hydration.

Dry Skin- Oil based. You lucky dog.

Combination- Depends where on the spectrum your skin lays. You can use a hydrating serum with a light, oil based moisturizer.

9. Makeup Wipes

Just like the towels, don’t rub or tug your face. Plus, these usually contain ingredients that may over dry or over sensitize your skin. It’s best to use a precleanser to remove your makeup.

10. Not Double Cleansing

I gotta wash my face twice?! Yea, our skin is needy.

After a long day (or sleep) your skin produces oil, sebum, and gets pounded with free radicals. Before your actual cleansing, you should be precleansing.

Precleansers are made as an oil, but don’t worry, it won’t make you “oily”. They are specifically made to mix with your natural oils and sebum. This way, when you add a bit of water, it emulsifies the cleanser for easier removal.

11. The “10 second” Face Wash

Wash your face for a minimum of 30 seconds. But no more than 60. You want to make sure you get every section and crevice. No debris left behind!

12. Not Including Your Neck

Your neck is often exposed as much as your face. Plus with tech-neck on the rise, it’s best to combat it early.

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