Face Slugging | Trending Skin Care

Applying Vaseline all over your face isn’t something any skincare professional would recommend. (at least not with confidence)

The ingredients are controversial in the skincare world. They can cause inflamed allergic reactions, breakouts from retaining moisture or make underlying problems inflame. (Like dermatitis)

But I tried it. I’m ashamed. I know better than trying a silly “skincare” hack. But listen to my reasoning and why it may work for you.

I suffer from a lack of hydration in my skin. Which causes me to break out, but have a dry and flaky appearance which results in a slower healing process. What’s the cause of this? Well in my case, I live in a very dry environment and my husband uses a furnace to heat our house. (secretly cries) Humidifiers are all around our house, but the furnace practically erases the humidity. It’s a nightmare for my skin.

After researching about other products besides Vaseline, I decided to “slug” with Aqauphor since it’s lighter than Vaseline and has humectant ingredients. Aka it retains moisture. This would help my skin at night time, so the furnace doesn’t suck out all of my hydration.

“Slugging” Is Only For:

  • Dry Skin Types
  • Skin that lacks water retention
  • Spot treatments for healing scabs, scars, healing post-acne.

“Slugging” Is Not For:

  • Oily Skin Types
  • Dermatitis
  • Inflamed, Hypersensitive areas
  • Allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Newly burned skin
  • Major Breakouts

How To Apply At Night:

Make sure you double cleanse and lightly exfoliate. (This way no extra sebum, dead cells or yucky stuff is trapped under the “slug”)

Tone and apply your nightly serums, but make sure to not apply anything that is a higher exfoliant. You already did that. (I applied my Biolumin C Eye Serum & Face Serum)

Apply your nightly moisturizer (not heavy) and give it 5 minutes to settle. then L I G H T L Y apply a small squirt of your Vaseline or Aqauphor. You only need a thin layer. This is a heavy enough product.

You can do this every other night, depending on the severity of your dry skin and environment. You may even just need to spot treat certain areas, such as under eyes, healing breakouts, flaky areas, lines.

*Do A Test Patch First, right below your jawline under your ear. An allergic reaction is always possible. Be safe 🙂

Make sure you try a humidifi first, filled with distilled water, placed by your bed. You may just need a little humidity in your room.

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